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In the written word on April 6, 2010 at 12:05 am
  1. Yay! Tara tara! We have posted nearly 400 hits. Not the millions of others but here we have quality versus quantity. Just look at the writers alone! Brilliant! I will be splitting this blog away from photography to just the written word. A guy from Mumbai has given me a great deal on building a web presence in which this blog will reside but will still be accessible from all over as a stand alone. I wonder if I can think in that way. Writing OR photography. . .! Thanks for everyone who has managed to find us and comment on what started out as a pretty raggedy attempt but is now slowly becoming a refined raggedy attempt. Thanks again. L

  2. Oh also, tomorrow, April 11 is a very important birthday for me. I turn one hundred fifty six and while I am retiring from medicine, I believe I am graduating to another level of that plus expanding my horizons yet again to include more intense attention to writing and photography. So happy birthday to me especially since it really is a birth of sorts. A kind of phoenix rising by grabbing with both hands the rocks on the shallow hill and pulling himself up because his wings are just not quite inflated yet. Ego yes! Wings no! HBDTM! L

  3. Errors Shmerrors- I love your blog! 🙂

    • Wow it is the lovely Turkish writer. I am honored by your compliment. You are such a fine writer and I am humbled by such. To write any more would be to gush and I, as a man amongst men, do not gush! But wow, what a nice thing to say and I really, really. . .wait a second!

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