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Tomorrow is Mothers Day

May 8, 2010

My Mom has been gone for thirteen years. I find I continue to have conversations with her. Stuff  we discussed over my lifetime. I tell you my arguments have improved but she still wins most of her points her fables having  concealed the teaching. Such were simple to the point but I usually had to struggle out from my  in-place opinions and mandates to get them, to learn. All these years later I still find them meaning much. And I find she teaches me still. Although some of the wisdom I have yet to get and struggle with still. I could ask for no more meaningful bequest from a parent.

So how will you spend time with your Mom tomorrow and if she is gone, share with us some stories about your feelings for her. Thanks.


SynClarity – Syn  – Meaning – “Together With”   /   Clarity – Meaning – clearness or lucidity about perception or understanding

Never thought much about blogging until I realized the sharing aspect of it. SynClarity is a name coined by a long ago friend. Which I thought at the time, original.  He saw my photography and thought it clearly showed my intent. Clarity! Hmm. . . Well it stuck and I paint and am painted with it. So here’s what I intend to do. I will make this site about photography, music, philosophy, poetry, short story writing, and any and all other sorts of artistic endeavor. All sorts of imaging and all about seeking a route to and through images whether photographic, musical, or verbal.

My photography is simply about beauty.  Seeking it, regarding it, displaying it, tweaking it, and by all means celebrating it. I use people, mostly women I admit, and horses in my work almost exclusively. Something similar I suppose to me in photographing as subject a healthy and well-formed woman, and a healthy well-formed, well-groomed horse. There is a poetry in both in simple form. However when you add personality to that the barriers to creativity lower substantially. I seldom use nudity anymore as I think there are those more capable at it than I. Although many of the horses I admit have very little on. I did much nude photography when I was younger but now as I enter the last stage I think clothing sets as much an emotional mood as background and adornment. A delicate finger appearing to tug at a bit of clothing with a matching expression to me is much the more sensual than the biology of the nude. Don’t get me wrong there are untold numbers of curves, alleys, avenues, and mounts in the female form which distract me many times daily. I simply wish to riff on more subtleties of such form. I wish to hear from others for whom a camera is a paintbrush. To whom words, views, and poetry sometimes combine, resulting in a lasting image often as surprising to the artist as to the viewer.

I am open to all opinion except negativity for its own sake. I have just lived through five years of that where a large group of people was held at virtual gunpoint by one guy and his minions. Where the main group bullied us into submission by a very tall, very loud lout who held sway apparently because the boss was too weak or too enthralled to do anything about it. Fear, apathy? I no longer care. But I will have none of it here.

This site I dedicate to all things and all people who are and are capable of being beautiful!


  1. Haven’t gotten this right yet. Words Just Words should be a title page with all the story and word stuff hanging under it. But it just hangs there alone. I am pretty disgusted with WJW’s and I think it knows it. It can do better I know it can.

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