Questions! Questions! Questions?

This is the place where questions get asked and hopefully answered. An address full of wisdom and my ideas too. At first I think I will either link to Y!A or directly c&p those I feel call for further exposure

I pondered  this question: How does love work? Is it possible to not love?

This is my answer. I hope I did it justice

I can only answer this in this way. I was well into my twenties and like you had become cynical about love ever happening to me. Someone suggested I needed a pet. I laughed and blew it off. But a weird interconnected group of events happened that brought me in contact with this Labrador. No not someone FROM Labrador but a big old 5 week old puppy. Papers like you wouldn’t believe but none could be signed since this critter had only four toes on her front left paw. Gasp a genetic error. This dog must be put down! Even her Mom had abandoned her. Now I certainly couldn’t afford an AKC reg. puppy and I told him so. So he gave me a deal with a weird guarantee that if I changed my mind in the next week he would put her down for me. So I took her cute little flea-bitten self home. It took about a week or two before I realized that I actually loved. There was something in my life to love. I wept. All the tears I refused to weep being too ‘strong” I wept with her, my head buried in her neck.She never moved once. Well except for potty breaks. Took days to get it out of my system. But for the next fifteen years she was my pal. She was my love. And she ended up being the love of everyone she met. Even, I might add my true woman love. So have hope kiddo. You are capable of it. I believe that now. Because I set myself up to be unloved and unloving forever. But the funniest thing happened.


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